Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Test Run

We took the boat out today. I was able to make the maiden voyage, but I only lasted about 5 min, before I had the Hunk turn the boat around and take me back to the dock.

We put the boat in at the southern Gem Lake boat launch - a place we just checked out a few days ago. It's a good sized reservoir - long enough for waterskiiing and wide enough at the south end for tubing. The water was a bit choppy from the wind, but not too choppy. As I slid into the passenger's seat in the front, my water vest rode up, so the shoulders were about mid-ear. I was wearing a wide-brimmed gardening hat to keep the sun from my face, and now the brim touched the shoulders of my water vest. Regardless, I was excited to try out my daring, and ride in the boat.

Our daughter V, and her friend from ISU, Zayne, climbed into the rear facing seats, the Hunk stepped in, and we pushed off. (Actually, the Hunk and I had to paddle away from the dock with the oars, as we were drifting towards some rocks). Then he fired up the 429 Chevy engine, and we slowly chugged away from the dock.

We were out a little ways, and I said, "Don't go fast!" But he gunned it a little and we started to fly.

He hollered, "I think this thing could really move!"

I'm squawking and sputtering, "Slow Down, I think I'm gonna lose my lunch!" Actually, I wasn't exactly nauseous, but I was getting claustrophobic. With my hat and vest wrapped around my head, I felt like I couldn't breathe, so I started to pray, "Lord, help me not to get scared. Help me calm down and breathe." But before God could help me calm down I said the the Hunk, "I think you'd better take me back to the dock."

I squealed a bit when he turned the boat, because the water was splashing up over the starboard bow into my face, what little of it was uncovered. I tried to remain calm, as we straightened out and headed back to safety.

It was good to be on flat ground again. I whipped off my hat and traded vests with Zayne, so she would have a vest closer to her size, and let them go. I knew as soon as I was out of the boat, they would be free to try it out for speed. And they did. The engine roared and they were off.

I lied down on the dock with my hat over my face to enjoy the warmth of the day, and the cool breeze over the water. I wish I had brought a book to read, but figured I could tan my legs a little now, and bring a book next time.


sage said...

I saw your post in another blog and was thinking of my "birthplace," which is Pinehurst--and then I thought, O Gee, I've spent time in Idaho too (a couple of summers in the Sawtooths), now after reading I'm assuming that your Pinehurst is in Idaho and not North Carolina. I enjoyed your school stories.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Yes, my Pinehurst is in Northern Idaho. I'm glad you enjoyed my school stories.