Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fabric Design

Ok, here's my latest obsession: Fabric Design.

I resigned from my job in early March. New manager - guy - with no sewing experience was making life miserable for a lot of the ladies. After dismantling most of the processes (how things had been done), and complaining about my time in the office (trying to catch up the loads of paperwork) - I decided it was time to let him learn to swim on his own. (They weren't paying me enough to train him and everyone else.)

I am working on teaching some sewing classes there, if I can ever iron out the details with the mgr.

So, as a woman with options, I have been exploring my creative side. Sewing, writing, cleaning (oops - organizing), and playing on the computer.

I always wanted to try my hand at fabric design. . .so here ya go! (most of my experiments haven't been made public yet, but if you have a notion to design: Check it out. . .'sfacinations

Additionally, I will add a pic of my newest sweetie cat: Lady Catherine