Monday, January 5, 2009

Pondering my age

Okay - so I published a few posts that have been sitting on my list for nearly a year.

I have been enjoying my 3 daughter's this holiday season. Can't believe "the baby" with be 21 years old in Feb '09. In her 3rd year at University of Idaho. Middle daughter a senior at Idaho State, and their oldest sister, also attending ISU.

Me? I'm Assistant Manager at the fabric store again, after an eight week stint as "acting manager" - much nicer to be supporting someone who has all the responsibility. . .Wait - - -I'm doing most of the work while he's in training. Having a blast.

I had foot problems last year - broke a couple of bones, but now doing well for my age. Hate to admit it, but I will enter the Senior citizen category on my next birthday (this month).

Don't act my age, so no one believes me at work. If they'd look closely, they could see the tell-tale signs under my chin. . .