Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Pinehurst again, summertime (1)

During May of my third grade year, my parents bought a house in Pinehurst. It was on the main street, about a block from the school, and was painted "Battleship Grey." I was excited because most of my life-long friends lived in Pinehurst (or the Bauman Addition across the bridge toward Kingston), and attended the Pinehurst School. Originally my parents had considered buying a lot behind the Johnson's in Bauman Addition, and wanted to build a split level home. Apparently this house was more in their price range, so they bought it. I was a bit disappointed that we weren't going to live as close to the Johnson's, but at least I'd be in school with PJohnson.

In addition to being close to the school, we lived close to everything in Pinehurst. The creek was just down the street a few blocks to the west, and the stores were a few blocks to the east. I could walk or ride my bike to the Caldwells, who lived next to the Post Office, or to the Carver's who lived on 3rd St. across from the school, about a block and a half away.

I spend a lot of my summers playing or hanging out at the school yard up through my eighth grade year. It was the hub of socialization for me and a lot of Pinehurst kids. We rode our bikes all over the school grounds and on the breezeway. We sat on the swings, the merry-go-round, the slides, and the curbs on the breezeway talking and sharing our lives.

Of course I related to you the story about KV and her cousin DB straightening me out on who KV liked and who liked her, lest I try to compete for the same guy. So silly now, that we would be so serious about boys when we were only 9 yrs. old! I really didn't care what she said. I knew that he and I were friends first, and that wouldn't change no matter who came and went.

I looked forward to entering the fourth grade, and was hoping that I would get Mrs. Caldwell for my teacher. PJ got her, but I didn't. I think it was because she was like a grandmother to me, and it would have put each of us in an awkward situation. I didn't have either P Johnson or G Carver in my class as I had hoped, but I became good friends with D Hokanson - who's mother was my second grade teacher at Silver King.


InlandEmpireGirl said...

It is amazing how all the friends connect with teachers and people I know, plus I taught fourth grade my first three years of my career. Maybe I taught in one of your classrooms!

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

So funny. You couldn't have taught fourth grade when I was in the fourth grade! Did you teach at Pinehurst?

InlandEmpireGirl said...

Yes, I taught at Pinehurst for three years, fourth grade. I was there from the fall of 1977-spring of 1980. When you headed down the hall from the office past the kitchen I was the third room on the right. My room was on the opposite side then the playground.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

That was the Jr. High wing, when I attended there. I was in Jr. High from Sept'66 - June '69. I still dream about eating in that lunchroom and hanging around the doors by the office and having events in the gymnasium.