Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Party List The Party

I got to the party late, but did my best to finish at least one challenge Beautiful picture and lots of links to great scrapbooking stuff. Didn't see a place to leave a comment. Cute layout, pictures and soft color. Fancy layout. Quite a feat for a Homeschooling mom! Wow. Love the scrapbook pages. A celebrity! Fun place to see what's going on in the scrapbook world. A fan of "The Office" - wished I could have seen the American version. Sounds like it was "da bomb". Another wow. Nice scrapbooking, jewelry making, and loved the print from the Easter service. Festive site. Great Motivations for Moms. Nice family feel. Where did she get all those Keith Green song clips??? Lots of Pink and lots of fun. Gotta see her Palooza Head! Gotta love the title and her photo. She worked hard on the party. Nice site. Cute family. She also worked hard on the party. Great photos. Lots of fun & very nice scrapbooking pages. Yummy recipies and nice photos. Lime green. Cute family photos. Nice layout, recipies and family stuff. Lots of great recipies. I got my link to Carolyn's party from her!