Friday, May 25, 2007

Pinehurst: Snippets from '63 - '64

Three cents for the Governor

I used to get an allowance to spend each week. When I was in Smelterville, I think it was 50 cents - but in Pinehurst I think it was raised to $1. I would walk down the street to the Post Office / craft store. In those days, the Post Office took up half the building, and a craft store was in the other half. The craft store had a lot of yarn, and the lady who worked there was usually knitting something. I really liked to buy these animal crafts in boxes with styrofoam, feathers, pipe cleaners, etc. that cost 99 cents. The one I specifically remember was an Ostrich you could make with the styrofoam balls painted lavender for the head and body. After it was made, it would stand up on it's pipecleaner legs, and it may have hung by strings so you could make it walk.

One summer day, I went down (probably on a Friday - when I got my allowance) to purchase one of these animal kits. When the lady rang it up she said, "One dollar and two cents, please."

I replied, "I thought they were 99 cents, and I only have a dollar!"

She explained, "Well, now you have to pay state tax of 3 cents on a dollar."

"I guess I can't get it then," I offered. "I'll have to go home and see if I can get 2 more cents." But I was thinking, What a rip-off. I have to pay 3 extra cents for nothing. When I went home I had to have one of my parents explain to me why a kid has to pay money and get nothing for it. They called it tax - but it really wasn't anything.

Banana Bikes

Sometime after we moved to Pinehurst, I got a new bike. I think it was for Christmas. It was larger than my first bike, and I'm pretty sure it was turquoise. (See picture. This is a 1964 Murray jet fire girls bike. Except for the seat - which was likely 2-toned turquoise and white - it looked like that.) It was a great bike, and I would ride it down to the store (Morbeck's) on the southwest corner of Division and Main. (Many of you will remember it as Wilber's store in the '70s). I'd ride it all over the playgrounds at Pinehurst school. I loved it, because with the larger tires, it would go further with each petal, than my smaller bike had.

The next year, however, bicycle styles changed, and since my bike was only a year old, I couldn't get one of the new stingray bikes - but I think my sister got one. (She may have inherited my older red bike, and was now old enough to have a nice bike of her own.) My dad didn't want me to feel like an odd ball with this old bike, so he bought me a "banana seat" and the "sting-ray" handle bars to put on my bike. (Try doing that with a kid now-a-days!) Now my bike was a monster. It was the Grandmammy of all sting rays - twice as big as most, with the cool seat and handlebars. Dad even removed the flat part of the back fender, so the transformation would be complete.

I don't know how old I was when I realized how ugly that bike was, but I eventually quit riding it - banana seat and all. Everyone else's bikes were small enough to do wheelies, and mine was a morphed-out Brontosaurus. I couldn't get the front two wheels up for anything. It was embarrassing.


myrtle beached whale said...

I thought sales tax was a ripoff when it started in 1966 and I still do. We pay income tax when we earn the money and then pay again when we spend it. Isn't excess taxation why we kicked the crap out of King George III. Hey, is Cecil Andrus still governor of Idaho? I have been away.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

You are right about King George III. Sorry, Andrus has been gone for some time, and the current sales tax is 6%. They always want to raise it, instead of encouraging more productivity in the form of new businesses, etc.

Andrus has been out of office since '95. Present Governor is Butch Otter (really)
Governor's list

myrtle beached whale said...

Butch Otter sounds a bit like a lesbian weasel. I would not have voted for him. It is no wonder Idaho is going into the toilet. How about Frank Church, still in Congress? At least he sounds like an honest place of worship.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Deceased I believe. Hope you don't really vote on the name with the most appealing visual.

Never would have thought of our governor that way. Real name is Cecil - but hey, that reminds me of a cheesy puppet show in the early 60s.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

BTW - by the way. . .I'd hate for you to come up with a visual moniker for my name.

Mudlake Slim said...

Just stopped by to see the Murray Jet Fire. I just tuned one up for the wife and now she can ride with me, I have a Huffy "good vibrations" beach cruiser. These bikes are great with the big fat tires and no shifting. Do you have a picure of the stingray your dad made for you?

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

I don't think so. I have most of my Dad's photos here -(So I can scan them), and I haven't run across one yet. There were some lean photo years. . .and my bike may not have made news in those days. . .