Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Vacations (4): Summer of '66

For some reason the trip that sticks out most in my mind, was the summer of '66. I think we left shortly after Dad came home from work and drove all night. The next morning we were able to pick up one of the gigantic rock stations in Salt Lake City. We listened to the top forty hits, and as the sun came up over the Wasatch range, the song "Red Rubber Ball" by The Cyrkle was playing (lyrics here). It became one of my favorite songs of the summer.

Of course, when you listen to a top 40 station, they play the same songs over and over again. I memorized "Red Rubber Ball" as well as "Paperback Writer" by The Beatles. Now "Paperback Writer" was one of those songs that was difficult to learn the lyrics to because it moved fast except on the chorus. Dad memorized the song, also. He said, "What are they singing? Pay forThat Rifle?"

I told him it was "Paperback Writer," but he began to sing the chorus "Pay for That Rifle,
Pay for That Rifle, Pay for That Rifle." (I never really liked that song, anyway. . .) "Paperback Writer" - lyrics here. Sometimes I still tease him about that.


Jackie said...

OMG!- "pay for that rifle" - that is too funny, I'd still tease him, too!
I never heard of the Red Rubber Ball, I was mostly always into country. (Tho I used your site to read the lyrics - and it certainly could be a country song. LOL)

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Written by Paul Simon and another guy. (I guess the Cyrkle only had two hits, maybe that's why Simon left the Cyrkle for Garfunkle. . .I know, bad joke.