Monday, June 4, 2007

Photos from the Falls

The Hunk - unhitching the boat from our Sunday excursion. I drove it for the first time. What a thrill. Ten times better than being a passenger!

My blue delphiniums. These are not Pacific Giants, as I have quite a number of those, but they are mostly purple and lavendar. I wanted some blue ones, so I bought these even though they only get about 4-5 feet high.

Mz Oz (Ozzy) near the rhubarb by the back fence. We have to keep a wire fence in front of the vegetable garden, so she won't run through it!

My clematis [Jackmanii] is beginning to bloom. It has grown quite large, and I have been debating whether I should divide and relocate a portion of it.

These painted daisies plants were given to me about 10 years ago from a dear friend who was unable to keep bending over to care for them.


InlandEmpireGirl said...

I love seeing your garden pictures. One plant I cannot grow for the life of me is delphiniums, so I will gaze at your picture with envy. Congrats on driving the boat. It was so hot here... was it there? Also, cutest dog in the world.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Yes, hot here. Wonder why delphiniums won't grow for you? They should - shame on 'em!

It was hotter than it has been, but still in the high 70s, low 80s. (Which is fine by me.) By the time we took the boat out it was getting overcast and a little breezy. Thanks for congrats on driving the boat. I have to pray for courage everytime I get in, but I want to be able to enjoy it with the family, and not always watch from the dock!

Thanks for the "cuteness" comment on Ozzy. I kept throwing her toy toward the rhubarb, so there would be a comparative object to show how large the plant has become. This is the only time I caught enough of her in the picture to make the plan work. (She is soo incredibly fast!) She is a great dog (big too, especially for a female!)

Jackie said...

Beautiful pictures. I enjoyed your blog and reading about your memories in Pinehurst. It seems like a million years ago that I lived in that area. Well, guess it was 40 years ago! And that sometimes feels like a million.

Marcy said...

Oh, your flowers are so pretty!! And the hunk isn't bad either!! ;-) I have a clemmy too, but I don't think the blossoms are as big as yours. I will print out a picture of it and show my clemmy what it has to live up to!

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

jackie - glad to give you a taste of yesteryear. . .oh, goodness that makes me feel old!

Marcy - Yea, the Hunk is a keeper for more reasons than one!

The clematis is a "close-up" so don't make yours feel badly! I'll try to include a large pic of the plant later.

I had trouble getting mine to grow the first 3 years, until I planted some tuberous flowers at the base (and kept its roots in the shade). For some reason it wanted cool feet, although it likes full sun.