Saturday, June 16, 2007

Vacations (3)

Route Through Salmon

Sometimes instead of going clear to Butte, Mt, we turned South at Missoula and traveled through Salmon to Idaho Falls.

I liked going through Missoula. It was a unique city and the road followed the river through town. Somewhere around the old hospital - a building I always looked for, we would turn and go South - if we were going through Salmon, instead of Butte.

Mother Goose Land

One such trip, we stopped at a place called "Mother Goose Land" near Lolo, Mt. My sister and I were so excited! We rarely stopped on our vacations, except to eat and use restrooms, so this was a real treat. I thought it was a great place! There were Nursery Rhymes on large bill-boards and either statues or cut-outs of characters from each rhyme. Near the middle of M.G.Land, there was a playground and my sister and I got to swing and slide. (They may have had a pop machine there also, but I don't really remember.)

Years later, my mom gave her perspective on the place. She had not been impressed, because all we did was walk around, read signs, and play on a small playground. For her, the expense wasn't worth it. (Of course, my sister and I always wanted to go through Salmon in hopes we would stop there again sometime.)

Mosquito Barrage

One time we went through Salmon – and it could have been on the same trip. We were leaving Salmon around sundown, and the shadows were lying across the road. As we wound down through the mountains just south of town, we hit the largest swarm of mosquitoes we had ever encountered! Now swarming mosquitoes aren’t usually a problem when you are in a car, and no, they didn’t get in the car. However, these mosquitoes had been feasting on some kind of animals, because they were bulging with blood. Now just imagine a swarm of bulging bloody mosquitoes all hitting the windshield at about 25 – 35 mph. The windshield was a mess. My dad tried to use the wipers and he may have had washer fluid, but all that happened was the red smeared with the dust already on the windows and it became a muddy, bloody mess. We had to pull over to the side of the road, and creep our way down the mountain for miles. Because of this episode, my parents were really reluctant to ever go through Salmon at dusk again.


Silver Valley Girl said...

I remember my brother and sister talking about going to Mother Goose land. I never went..I guess I was too young. I always felt ripped off I never got to go. They always had fond memories of it, I believe.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

That's awesome if they went to the same place. I never knew anyone who had been there.

So sorry you didn't get to go. If someone had some property around Kellogg, they could probably construct something similar. . .unfortunately kids today are so used to technology, they probably would get bored - unless there were a lot of monitors or tv screens showing moving pictures. . .

InlandEmpireGirl said...

Thank you for reminding me of Mother Goose Land. It was such a treat for us to go there when we were visiting friends in Missoula.
I love that drive from Missoula down to Salmon. Tomorrow I take off for a Writing Retreat in McCall so I get to enjoy the beauty of traveling south on the other side of the state.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Do you remember if there was some kind of refreshments at the playground in the middle of M.G.L? I started to think, that maybe we had popscicles. . .

Yes, it is a beautiful drive, and some years ago, MT had widened the road to the state line. When we came up the windy 2-lane on our side and reached the top of the hill, suddenly there was this new wider recently asphalted road that sailed into MT. Nice. (Course that was probably at least 10 yrs ago now.

Hope you have a great time on your Writing Retreat. Sounds like loads of fun. McCall is beautiful and reminds me of N. Idaho.

Wave when you go past Moscow. My "baby" is there working for the summer.

Jackie said...

Enjoyed this post...I love Montana, and Salmon, and the area around McCall. It's such beautiful country. I don't think I've ever been to Boise - just traveled through that end of the state a few times.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Boise is semi-arid like IF. Lots of sagebrush. At least Boise has some hills on the north side to give it some scenery.

We have hills and a mountain to the east/so east, but it is a bit further than Boise's hills. (The town is growing out toward the hills and mountains now.)