Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rodent Rage

Advice is cheap - eveyone gives it away freely, even if it isn't practical.
Today, I read an article that told you how to keep rodents out of your home. The article gave four steps to prevent rodent infestation. It involved finding all the holes and cracks in your house's foundation / basement and filling them with some goo. You also have to put a seal along the bottom of your garage door, and keeping all your foliage at least a foot or so away from the siding.
The article said a mouse could get into a hole the size of a dime! They also like to burrow in the dirt to find these small openings in your home. Can you imagine looking for all the dime sized holes or larger in your concrete, siding, and under the dirt? Who's gonna dig all around the house looking for holes to fill?

My solution is practical, works well, and wasn't even on the list: Get a CAT!

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