Tuesday, April 24, 2007


"Oops" is Ozzy's favorite word. It seems that when I say "Oops" - it usually means something edible has just hit the floor, and you know dogs.

Well, today, "Oops" meant something different. My husband bought some tool to trim branches on the trees, and no, I didn't scalp a tree. What I did, was lop off the top of his raspberries. I just cut them a little higher than the lattice fence between his raspberry plants and my flower garden. I kept telling him they needed to be trimmed so the berries would be thicker and easier to pick. He hadn't done it yet, so -"Oops."

I also trimmed the branches that were coming through the lattice, although he really didn't want me to. "Oops." (We'll see if he even notices.) Now, before you think I am evil, let me explain. He has another patch of raspberries by our exterior fence, and I didn't touch those. Also, during the time he was transplanting those berries, I allowed the original patch to overtake that section of my flower garden. We decided that since his new patch will likely produce this year, that we would clean the raspberries out of my flower bed. Together we dug up most of the plants last fall, and he transplanted a lot of them. So I had permission. . .sort of, and if he gets upset -- all I'm saying is, "Oops."

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