Friday, April 20, 2007

The Family

I am married to The Hunk. He is an incredible guy: ambitious, athletic, intelligent, and much more. We have been married for nearly 27 years, and reared 3 children to adulthood together. We are all Christians, and have been greatly blessed in our lives by the Lord.

The Hunk is a self-proclaimed "garbologist" (read: "radioactive garbageman"). Wasn't always so. He used to be a mining engineer, before the collapse of silver prices in the early '80s. As many people in our generation, he had to re-invent himself. He comes from a large family in Kellogg, Idaho - and interestingly, that is where we met and married. I will have much more to say about his family later.

Our young ladies - I will call M, V and S. (If you say MVS fast enough - it sounds like "envious"). The "gauls" [English accent needed] are all very unique and beautiful. M works at the nuclear site in a job designed to use her organizational and computer skills. V attends Idaho State University studying Mass Communications and Music. S is at the University of Idaho studying Microbiology. All three are single, and The Hunk expects them to stay that way for another 10 years or so. : )

After completing my Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Communication at ISU in 2001, I am finally working part-time at a dream job - in a fabric store. Yes, the education was not a prerequisite for the job, but I love working there.

Besides The Hunk, the girls, and I, we have a cantankerous cat named: Colonel, and a Sweet Chocolate Lab named: Mz Oz (Pronounced Mizz Oz.) We call her Ozzy. Colonel, who is nearly 14, is the Alpha Cat - or so he thinks. (Only the dog gives him space.) Ozzy is about 4 ??? and is clearly the sweetest dog. I also call her: Sweetness, Cocoa Pup, Puppet, Ozzy wazzy, Puppy Girl, and probably other endearing titiles. I call Colonel: Brat Cat and sing "Evil Kitty" (tune of "Evil Woman") when he is tearing through the house rumpling up the rugs and stalking family members.

The Hunk just brought me breakfast. . .scrambled eggs, toast, juice. What can I say?

The Hunk is looking for a used speed boat to buy. Now that we are slowing down . . .he wants to rev things up! Boats have never been my passion, but I'm sure we will have fun. I know the girls will enjoy waterskiing and watching their mother as white as a styrofoam cup.


raymond pert said...

I think I might have figured out who you are. The last time I saw you, your intials were SM and when you were at Silver King and KHS, your initials were SL. Am I correct?

If not, I'll keep trying to piece things together!

raymond pert (My dad's name)

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

You are good! What tipped you off?