Tuesday, March 18, 2008

He's still the one.

Here's a pic of the Hunk from November 1982. He was competing for the first time in a Body Building contest. This one was held in Lewiston, and he came in third place.

A lot of his friends from the University of Idaho, including the Cooper Brothers who were the reigning Mr. Idaho and Jr. Mr. Idaho, thought he got ripped off. His body was more "balanced" than the guy who won. Even Rachel McLish, the former Ms. Universe, and guest poser, told him he should have won.

The next year, he was ready! He competed at Washington State University and won FIRST Place. Whoa, Baby! I was really proud of him. (He could have been a model!) Oh, well, he became an engineer instead!

Someone did a write up about him after this contest in the Kellogg Evening News. So he had a little noteriety in the Silver Valley.

He's still my Hunk, today!


Anonymous said...

This post clears up one mystery. Circa 1991, I entered a stupid physical contest. It involved the "world's longest gondola." The trick was to run underneath, from the valley floor to the lodge. 30 runners started; 20 finished. I finished 9th and was severely trounced by your better half and his brother. I had no idea he was a serious athlete (I feel better now).
The race coordinator promised they'd put a plaque at the lodge (I new that would never happen when she said it). The race wasn't the best idea since that rockslide going down into Wardner was bad news and the "Ski Bowl" insurance wouldn't have endured it. The idea for the race was creative--but impractical (good initiative; poor judgement).
Enjoy your blog--thanks.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

I think the plaque was purchased but I don't know if it was ever displayed (It may have only been for a short time period.)

My husband's older brother is also very athletic. He climbs Lion's Head in Cape Town, S.A. every evening or something close to every evening. He has also entered and won several "iron man" races in S.A.

The gondola race was his P's idea.