Friday, February 22, 2008

Assistant Manager - finally!

Yesterday was the Big Day. . .well - no "hats and horns" no cake, balloons, or fanfare :( But I did officially become the Assistant Manager of our store! Woo Hoo!

The invitation was first presented to me last May or June. I was apprehensive (since I only started working there in March). So in August, when I returned from vacation, I became one of three supervisors with the view toward the Assistant Manager position. My biggest asset is that I am good with people - both employees and customers.

I was told I would become AM around the Holidays, but I made a BIG mistake in Oct-Nov -when I failed to open the store one Saturday. (I thought I was working the night shift, but Oops - I was scheduled to open.) So, it was back to "probation" - while still remaining a supervisor.

Then it was to be after the Holidays, then during Inventory in early February. . .then on Tues this week - or Wednesday - finally Thursday. I signed the paperwork, which included a raise to my surprise and great pleasure. . .(now I am making more than the starting workers at Fiesta Ole').

The cool thing is that the Hunk took me out to dinner to celebrate! He's proud of my accomplishment and says it is a great resume builder. (He forgets that I am likely too old to be hired by a company that pays more. . .despite my education, experience, and accomplishments.)

No matter - my fall back is my writing (as is his). Now if one of us could just get published!


Inland Empire Girl said...

Congratulations to you. Is this a craft store/ fabric store or something in between?

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Primarily a fabric store, but we also have a home decor section, quilting section,and some crafts. I am taking over the Home Decor section. We have to revamp it every year - so we are in the middle of that. (Also, no one has been "in charge" of that section since a gal left last August.) It really needs some TLC. Home decor includes furniture, wall hangings, tabletop decorations, lamps, etc, as well as fabric.

Cedar Street Kid said...

Glad I found you blog.Nice site,Congratulations on your promotion.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Thanks CSK! Went to check out your blog. Great stuff, by the way.