Monday, July 23, 2007


Just a few lines from the University city of Moscow. After a rip-roaring weekend of fun. . .I have returned my daughter, S, to the place she loves.

Thurs. horrific bus ride. The good part, however was that I was adopted by 23 yr old kid and 70+ yr old woman. It was like having a whole new family.

Fri - drove to Moscow. Sat returned to my Dad's with daughter and shot the breeze with classmates - some I haven't seen in - goodness, since High School. Great time, but cut short by promises to meet family for dinner. (Actually, the family was my out in case no one talked to me). Had fun, but not enough time to catch up with some of the people I have missed. Told my husband that it was mostly the guys who spoke to me, but that hasn't changed since High School.

Sunday - Church at Silver Valley Girl's church, Birthday BBQ for my Dad with family, Driving daughter back to Moscow.

Time to sack out. Drive back to valley in the morning to hang out with my sister on her day off. No computer until - who knows when. I'm going through withdrawl, I tell ya.

PS. If anyone talks to Mike W, tell him it was my dad he spoke to at the Boat.


Silver Valley Girl said...

So nice to meet you and your daughter and have a nice little visit. I hope the rest of your time in the valley was nice seeing your dad and sister. Your daughter sure looks like your husband's side of the family!! Very beautiful.

Jackie said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. We'll be waiting to hear all about it.

myrtle beached whale said...

So according to Silver Valley Girl your side of the family must be a bunch of mutants.

Inland Empire Girl said...

I wish it would have worked out that I was there also. I am glad you got to stay longer and visit. Enjoy Victoria.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Thanks everyone!

SVG: When she was younger, everyone said S looked like me! Thank you.

J: Will blog after I take a day off. We have been traveling for two days. . .

MBW: You may have discovered our secret.

IEG: I had hoped to see you, but Pert said you were under the weather, had upcoming commitments, and needed to rest. (We did enjoy Victoria!)